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Was fab see yee at the wedding and good luck with the rest of the cycle and looking forward to the next post !! 🤞💚😀

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It was great to see you both at the wedding Harriet and Matt and you scrubbed up beautifully 😁

Keep on living life to the full. Chris Xx

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Congratulations to the bride and groom - what a fantastic addition to a wedding party you guys are....

Your stories are amazing, your adventures mind boggling and on top of that you both look FANTASTIC (what a superb photo).

The women say hello. Ruth in Final Year, Laura in 3rd year and Katie just finished school and got her place in Trinity......our work here is done...Philip where are our bicycles???????

When you are home we have to meet up beside that loch for a dram of whiskey and a Céile of our own

Lots of love.......Mary, Philip, Ruth, Laura and Katie

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