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Honestly my recent debacle with Bank of Ireland over shocking customer service is literally just pipped by your Asian experiences...Not. You will do make me wish I was there and I detest the sun, heat, cycling and bureaucracy. You guys are good. Thinking of you always and holding my breath until the next installment or the guy from Bank of Ireland rings.....whichever comes first it will be met by a pent up lung action from me. Sage travels and keep trucking.....love always Mary, Philip, Ruth, Laura and Katie B

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Bonjour vous êtes les véritables aventuriers ce ce siècle.

J'étais inquiet de ne pas avoir de nouvelles.

Faites attention à vous et bonne continuation


Robert, Namur, Belgique

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Merci Robert! l'aventure continue! nous espérons que vous avez apprécié les cycles d'été le long du Meuse.

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